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TactiKey - 24 in 1 Mini Multifunctional Screwdriver

  • Intuitive Design Of 24 Functions in One
  • Easy To Carry In Pocket As A Key Holder
  • Universal Screw Driver Capability
  • Stainless Steel, Rust And Scratch Resistant

Imagine you’re on your bicycle and some screw goes loose, or you need to get these zip lockers opened or maybe you ran out of rolling paper for your tobacco. The list of these tiny little gripes you encounter along the day that make your life miserable is endless.

If only there was an entire crate of tools being all merged into one and shrunk down to the size of the key to your house.

Well, there is and it's called TactiKey.

This little guy comes with as many tool functions as it possibly could:

  • Tiny while still being big enough to be comfortably used as a wrench or screwdriver.
  • Insanely durable 420 heat treated steel
  • Is light enough to put on your keychain and forget it till you run into some first world problems like needing a box cutter for your new phone.