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EcoRide - Smart Fuel Saving Plug

  • Very Easy to Use - Plug & Drive
  • Works With Any Vehicle Built After 1996
  • Works for Any Diesel Powered Car
  • Connects to Your Cars Interface

Big car brands hate this device: This nifty gadget allows you to activate a hidden mode in your car which increases engine power while decreasing the fuel consumption. Just plug it into your diagnostic port (in your glove box!) and let ecoRide's proprietary algorithm help you save fuel instantly.

  • Easy to install
  • Just plug it into your OBD2 port (any car after 1996 has one)

  • Save Fuel & Money
  • It will optimize the fuel consumption of your car

  • Works for any car
  • Every car has the necessary plug

  • No permanent ECU reprogramming
  • Unnoticeable - easy to uninstall in case of any inspections